Smith & Wesson

Smith and Wesson Night Guard Headlamp Quad Beam

Pick up the Smith & Wesson Night Guard Quad-Beam Headlamp with an incredibly useful 420 lumens output, 4 color outputs, and various dimming modes. Use any of the colored LEDs (red, green, and blue) for night time activities and preserving night vision. This headlamp also has a max 2.2 hour runtime and 36 meter throw making it the perfect headlamp for hiking, hunting, fishing, and more. The Night Guard Quad-Beam Headlamp has a lightweight, yet rugged design making it light on your head, but still having all the features that make a headlamp desirable. This headlamp is powered by a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so you can quickly recharge your headlamp and get back into the field as soon as possible.


  • Lightweight and rugged design
  • Features white, red, green, and blue outputs
  • USB rechargeable battery for convenient charging
  • Beam throws up to 36 meters
  • Max 420 lumens
  • Various dimming modes available
  • Notice for California consumers:
    ⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –