Hunters Specialties

Hunters Specialties Strut Spring Yelper Box Call

An easy-to-use box call design you can run with just 1 hand, the deadly Hunters Specialty Strut Spring Yelper Box Turkey Call makes it easy to deliver a wide range of pure turkey sound. Combining a poplar box with a walnut paddle, this 1-sided design features a unique spring design that allows you to stroke, tap or slide to create a wide range of turkey vocalizations. An easy-to-adjust design, this unique compression/torsion spring design also automatically returns home every call so it always opens in place. Compact call for easier carrying. Includes chalk to periodically sweeten the sounds.

  • Spring Yelper is constructed of American poplar and walnut, it is a one-sided call with a unique spring design
  • The spring is a compression/torsion spring
  • It not only controls the tuning by way of screw depth but also allows the user one-handed foolproof operation
  • Help open in place, one only must stroke, tap or slide to get all kinds of vocalizations from yelps, cutts, clucks, whines and purrs
  • Automatically returning to home base each time

Notice for California consumers:
⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –