.30-06 Outdoors

.30-06 5 Spot Paper Target 100 Count

A traditional paper target, the .30-06 Outdoors 5 Spot Paper Target serves as an archery or shooting target. The targets are designed with dual-colored rings to help you track your shot and feature a bulls-eye in the center of each spot. These 5 Spot Paper Targets are notepad style to keep your spot at the range tidy. With this 100 target pack, attach and replace targets as often as you need when sighting in or practicing your shot.
  • Measures 17 inches by 17 inches; official dimensions
  • 100 count package; more than enough for a long day at the range
  • Features 5 dual color spots with bulls-eye centers
  • Ideal target for practice, matches, and sighting in
  • Made in the USA; high quality paper